Since I was a young boy I have been intrigued by the beautiful lights and sheer size of the Process Industry here in The Netherlands. Fast forward some time, and after finishing High school with a focus on Science & Technologies, I began my journey in order to become the Engineer I’m today.

In 2013, I started as a freshman at the Chemical Engineering department at the Rotterdam Mainport University. With many ups and downs, failures and successes and most important: friendships, I graduated as a Chemical Engineer after successfully finishing my graduation internship at ADM Europoort.

In the past years, I've carried out assignments for companies such as Evides Industriewater, STC Brielle & STC Rotterdam and I’m currently working as a Maintenance Engineer Automation at VOPAK Europoort.

Since the start of this journey, I’ve reached huge milestones in my Engineering skills, Leadership skills and Business knowledge and in 2021 my wish finally came true to be able to combine this with the thing I love: Computer Sciences.


Process Automation Engineer
ADM Europoort B.V.

As a Process Automation Engineer, my main responsibility is to maintain and optimize the DCS/PLC systems that need 24/7 reliability and implement proposed improvement projects.

Responsibilities included:
- Alarm Management.
- Monitor and improve automation.
- Local and Remote PC Management.
- Day to day troubleshooting & user support.
- Network Engineering.
- Training of 3 Engineers.

November 2021 - Present

Process Engineer
ADM Europoort B.V.

As a Process Engineer I've influenced both the safety and cost efficiency of the Plant in a positive manner.

Responsibilities included:
- Process Automation & Engineering.
- Monitor and improve processes.
- HAZOP/LOPA/BRZO projects.
- Day to day troubleshooting.
- MOCs, AFEs & WAVE-Initiatives.
- GS&HW commission member.

January 2020 - November 2021

Operations Trainee
ADM Europoort B.V.

The European Operations Management Development Program is my first, real experience within the Engineering field. The traineeship provided me with key learning opportunities to accelerate my development and help me grow professionally. The traineeship consisted of 6mo shift work and 12mo of Process Engineering.

Juli 2018 - January 2020

Process Engineering Graduation Internship
ADM Europoort B.V.

The aim of this graduation internship is to characterize the three presses of the Soy protein concentrate plant and to investigate their influence on the structure & composition of the so-called White Flakes. With this knowledge, ADM Europoort hopes to produce more easily within specifications and thus generate less rejection of product.

February 2018 - June 2018


Total Process Safety

ADM Europe - Amsterdam, Netherlands

A 4 day training focused on the 14 fundamentals of Process Safety within the Chemical Industry. Some key examples are: operating procedures, PSSR, mechanical integrity, (hot) work permits, incident investigation and emergency planning & response.


Chemical Engineering

Hogeschool Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Chemical Engineering (CE) teaches you to solve chemical and technological problems in order to design and improve processes on an industrial scale.”

2013 - 2018

Trade Management focused on Asia

Hogeschool Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Trade Management for Asia (TMA) aims to produce future managers who are well versed in all aspects of international business, with a special focus on Asia."

2012 - 2013

Higher general secondary education (HAVO)

PENTA college CSG Blaise Pascal - Spijkenisse, Netherlands

Course: Science & Technologies studies including Economics.

2006 - 2012



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